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November 2, 2009

The Stylesheet Blues

Filed under: Uncategorized — Seth Porter @ 9:01 am

Previous visitors might notice a new look. The fixed width column just wasn’t working for me, and the math looked really hideous when is was scaled into 400 pixels.

So I’m trying out a new “theme”, as a quick-and-dirty way to avoid having to actually, you know, design a visual look for this site. Which would be nice, but unfortunately said theme apparently doesn’t handle definition lists (<dl>, <dd> and <dt>), which are my recent favorite way to avoid dealing with tables. (I stole this affection from a blog post I read sometime, but since it no longer appears in the top page of Google results for “definition list”, I’m deeming it an orphan work and mine for the appropriation.)

Anyway, it looks like there is some CSS work in my future, probably mining this site pretty heavily. (I continue to be delighted to live in a world where you can search on any given HTML tag and be pretty much guaranteed to find a nicely organized page of CSS techniques, rants against rampant misuse (generally a good source for ideas you hadn’t yet thought of), and generally a rich literature for those of us in the “I care about CSS for exactly as long as it takes to get my font sizes consistent” camp).)

Given my frequency of updates, you can therefore look forward to many months of inappropriately-sized definitions and other offenses against visual design.

(I actually do have another article in the B-spline Series, wherein I get to look all clever (had I not previously tipped my hand about my various confusions) by presenting a rather nice uniform version of k=3 and k=4 B-splines based on preconditioning the control points. There will be more LaTeX math! More empirically-derived constants which I pass off as proven! It’ll be great.)


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