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November 26, 2008

Justifying the Library Habit

Filed under: Development Infrastructure — Seth Porter @ 6:24 pm

I think we still tend to underestimate the importance of (code) libraries and how our code interacts with them. The only time I’ve written fan mail was to Steve Mcconnell after reading (and being blown away by) Code Complete; I asked him for his thoughts on how to write code which fully leverages libraries, but still retains some independence. In conversations at work and elsewhere, I’ve realized that I have an internal categorization of libraries which isn’t widely shared (perhaps for good reason). Be that as it may, it’s my blog, so I’m going to lay them out.

There are several different reasons for using a library; each needs to be accompanied by a different style of use. The different reasons also imply different levels of coupling between your code and the library. At one extreme, your code can be completely oblivious to the existence of a particular library (some pluggable image loader models, for example, which transparently expand the file handling capabilities of all applications). At the other limit, you explicitly assume throughout your application that a particular library is available. The first is clearly preferable, but there are many times when you’re forced to accept a degree of coupling for one reason or another. The key is to be honest about how dependent you are on a library, and make sure that there’s some inverse correlation between degree of dependency and the likelihood that you’ll need to replace that library. (more…)


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